If you would like to be included on the list of people 
who are for Oshkosh and for Jef Hall, email

Mark Harris, Winnebago County Executive
David Albrecht, Winnebago County Board Chair

Travis Swanson, Winnebago County Board
Marissa Reynolds, Winnebago County Board
Bill Wingren, Winnebago County Board
Kenneth Robl, Winnebago County Board
Stan Kline, Winnebago County Board, Former Oshkosh Common Council

Jessica King, Oshkosh Common Council
Steve Herman, Oshkosh Common Council

Gordon Hintz, WI State Assembly

Steven Dedow, Oshkosh School Board

Bryan Bain, former Oshkosh Common Council
Steve Hintz, former Oshkosh Mayor
Shirley Brabender Mattox, former Oshkosh Common Council

Larry Lautenschlager, Winnebago County Labor Council, AFSCME
Paulette Feld, Winnebago County Labor Council, AFSCME

Winnebago County Labor Council
United Auto Workers of the Fox River Valley Area
Winnebago County Democratic Party

Recommended to membership by the Oshkosh Fire Fighters 

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