Thursday, December 9, 2010

Made in Oshkosh - Electric Plane Takes Maiden Flight

Made in Oshkosh - Electric Plane Takes Maiden Flight:

From the OshNW:

Electric airplane? And they flew it out of Wittman Regional Airport?

John Monnett (pilot) and Jeremy Monnett (right, in the above photo) and the rest of the team at Sonex Aircraft LLC spent four years leading up to their historic flight on Friday, Dec. 3 at Wittman Regional Airport. 
That's a standard Waiex airframe modified with a 54Kw electric motor that the staff says gives the e-flight prototype a little more oomph than many of the other companies at work on electric-powered aircraft. E-flight still has a likely fliying time of about 60 minutes, but battery technology is about the only thing Team Sonex hasn't worked on. The crew designed the safety systems, the flight controllers and other equipment to run off the different power supply. 
Sonex still has a ways to go before you can buy this setup from them, but nonetheless, it's still pretty cool to see aviation innovation take shape here in Oshkosh.