Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NeighborWorks Oshkosh Awarded $100,000 Grant

NeighborWorks Oshkosh Awarded $100,000 Grant

(Oshkosh, WI.) The city of Oshkosh is proud to announce that NeighborWorks Oshkosh has been awarded a $100,000 expansion grant. The grant is from NeighborWorks America.
The funds will be used to accomplish various objectives including:

• Supporting NeighborWorks America’s goal of expanding services and investments benefiting under-served populations and places
• Reaching under-served populations and places targeted by NeighborWorks America
• Demonstrating the organizational capacity and planning to provide expanded services/programs while minimizing negative impacts on current services and service provisions
• Planning for and leveraging the funding resources necessary to sustain services and programs to the expansion area

The purpose of NeighborWorks Oshkosh is to renew pride, restore confidence, promote reinvestment, and revitalize the NeighborWorks neighborhoods. This happens through the efforts of local residents acting in concert with financial institutions, corporate enterprise and the business community, foundations, and local government.

For more information, please contact Planning Services at (920) 236-5059.

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