Monday, December 19, 2011

My questions submitted for the pay study...

Can I have the link between the Job Titles in the budget Document and the Job Titles in the new compensation plan?
-       Old (Budget) Title, New (Compensation Plan) Title

What are the private sector positions used in the Comp study as comparable?  Links from Comp Study Job Titles to Private Sector Job Titles would be good. 

How did you compare those positions without local public comparables?   Civil Engineer, water/utility, parking control, police for example.

I would like a copy of the job description questionnaire, and if possible, a copy of the questionnaires filled out by employees in level G1-5, as well as points assigned.

An overview of the system for scoring.  How are points assigned?  Please break down by category.

Are certificates required or tech education for a position evaluated along with education required?  How?  How are points assigned for this?

Comparables sources: 

Who is included in the Chamber study?  Being voluntary, what is the confidence? Are larger employers included?  How can I get a copy of the most recent study?

What would be the results of making the levels go from the 100% being a midpoint rather than a max?  For example:

Rank    Level%          Test1           Test2           Test3
1       87.5%           90.00%          92.50%          95.00%
2       90.0%           94.00%          96.50%          99.00%
3       92.5%           98.00%          100.50%         103.00%
4       95.0%           102.00%         104.50%         107.00%
5       97.5%           106.00%         108.50%         111.00%
6       100.0%          110.00%         110.00%         110.00%
Max     120.0%          120.00%         120.00%         120.00%

I believe if we establish that the study levels are correct, we should select a framework similar to column test #2 – a good, 3rd year employee will earn the local average, and have room to grow from there as skill and experience continue to increase.

I would be willing to meet with Mr. Carlson and members of the City Administration to go over this information outside of a meeting if everyone feels these questions are taking up too much time in a meeting.



Jef Hall
Oshkosh Common Council
112 E Irving Ave
Oshkosh, WI 54901