Monday, April 4, 2011

Please Vote for Jef for Oshkosh Today or Vote April 5th


I would like to ask for your vote for Oshkosh Common Council this Spring.

Please join working families, college students, young professionals, taxpayers and residents throughout Oshkosh in supporting Jef Hall for Oshkosh Common Council this spring.

Voting is at Oshkosh City Hall today from 8-4:30.  

Polls are open tomorrow from 7AM to 8PM.  You can find all the info you need to vote in Oshkosh at the city's website:

After polls close, please come watch the election returns with us at Cranky Pat's - 100 N Main St, Oshkosh.  We will be in the dining room with pizza, soda, good friends and casual entertainment.

Can you play a guitar? Come show off!

Thank you for your support though this Election!